PHATFRIDGES can be useful in so many ways. The list of applications can almost be endless. In order to give you a good idea without getting carried away, here is where we see PHATFRIDGES extremely helpful.

The Entire Foodservice Industry

Restaurants that need a little more space in their walk-ins during busy times, special events, or even equipment failure. Catering - Caterers, especially for Wedding Venues and Company Gatherings, you guys always need an on-site walk-in. Pop-Ups - For all the up-and-coming restaurants that are out there on the Pop-Up circuit working hard to get their magnificent creations into the mouths of many, a PHATFRIDGE can come in handy.

Night Markets and Foodie Events

Attention Event Planners and Promoters that produce these spectacular food forward events across SoCal, it would be incredibly helpful to your vendors if they had access to on-site refrigeration and ice. We have a plan that can be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Plus, keep in mind that PHAT TAP can help open an additional revenue stream and drive traffic to your event. Let Matt share his vision with you.

Farmers Markets and Craft Fairs

Farmers selling their Fresh Produce, Fisherman selling the Fresh Catch, and Crafters like Candle Makers that don't want their wax creations to melt, when quality is everything, let a PHATFRIDGE help you.


Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Huge Weddings, during these times your shops are packed and your space to create becomes extremely limited. Wouldn't an extra walk-in make a big difference on those crazy days?

Local Sporting Events

Local Snack Shacks have some of the best Burgers and BBQ you can find. Some Super Boosters that raise money for their sports clubs have really found their niche. But your stadium or soccer field snack shack was never designed for the volume you're now doing. Having a PHATFRIDGE on-site could mean having the inventory to feed a few thousand.

Refrigeration Repair Companies

Let us work alongside you, giving your customers the peace of mind that their inventory is safe and you the freedom to order parts and get the job done right under less pressure.

Hollywood and Beyond

Whether on the lot or on location, movie productions usually have lots of people to feed and on-set catering is common. Let PHATFRIDGE provide some much-needed cold storage space for those big Hollywood events and productions.

These are just a few ways a PHATFRIDGE can help. Restaurants, you guys will always be dear to our hearts. If your Walk-In Breaks in the middle of the night, call us, we're there!